Until 31st August 2024 we have a total of 5000 euro in our remaining budget which can be allocated to small grants for DIAMANT members. In September 2024 we will have further clarity about our new budget and will adjust our grant policy accordingly.

We wish to use this money to support DIAMANT activities, with a strong emphasis on community-building. Think, for example, of organizing workshops, small conferences or seminar series on a core DIAMANT discipline, on topics that lie at the intersection of two or more DIAMANT disciplines, or which strengthen the interaction between DIAMANT and other mathematics clusters. There is currently a wonderful array of activities unfolding within the various DIAMANT disciplines and we wish to support this dynamic process.
We know that in this challenging funding landscape obtaining money for such things can be frustrating. To this end, we wish this instrument to be lightweight and easy to manage, both for applicants and the board of DIAMANT.

Application instructions are as follows:

  • Please submit (at most) a single A4 explaining what you are requesting the money for, and how it relates to DIAMANT activities and the current priorities outlined above. This can be emailed to
  • The money should concern an activity that takes place in the period July 2024 – December 2025 (inclusive).
  • The deadline for requests is 31st May 2024. Before that deadline we will not assess any requests i.e. this is a collection moment.
  • The board of DIAMANT will subsequently look at all submissions in June 2024 and decide how much of each request to grant. It might be that we decide to grant less than requested, depending on the volume and nature of all the requests, considered as a whole. We will make a decision by mid-June 2024. For each request we will -briefly- motivate our decision.
  • When a DIAMANT board member is involved with a request (e.g. is on the steering committee of a body requesting money) the board member will declare this interest and step out of the decision process for that specific request.
  • If a request is fully or partially granted, we ask that you use the DIAMANT logo on any publicity you produce, and (where relevant) send us some nice photos of your activity for use on our website. We will also mention on our website that we are happy to support your request.

We look forward to receiving your requests! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact

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